Transactional banking with AMIO via videobank

Transactional banking with AMIO via videobank

An opportunity to contact the Bank 24/7 via video call from any part of the world without visiting the bank, providing an individual approach for each customer.

AMIO BANK integrated a new 24/7 distance service - implementation of bank transactions via video call. It allows customers saving the time to visit the Bank to get in touch with a Bank specialist during a Skype video call, get financial advice, open cards, deposits and bank accounts and make almost all banking transactions using the advantages of live and personal communication.

To use the service, it is necessary 24/7 to call AMIO BANK user "IM AMIO" via Skype system, present the identity document registered in the Bank and passing the identification stage, perform the desired banking transaction.

Via video call service, customers can perform the following non-cash operations:

  • Sending and receiving transfers (internal, local and international: SWIFT and fast money transfers),
  • Account, card and deposit opening, card reissuing,
  • Card/token blocking and unblocking,
  • Repayment of loans, replenishment of deposits,
  • Confirmation of the pensioner's presence in RA,
  • Ordering a statements, references etc.

AMIO BANK: Care for all.

For more details, call +374 10 59 20 20 or visit the website:

“AMIO BANK” CJSC is controlled by the Central Bank of RA.