The Economic Journalists Club NGO was founded in 2003 upon the initiative of a group of journalists writing on economic issues. The organization embraces numerous journalists of the Republic reporting on economics-related issues and representing the print and electronic media, and television. 

Cooperating with various international organizations, such as the United Nations Office in Armenia, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, as well as economic and financial institutions, non-governmental and business organizations and independent experts in Armenia, the Economic Journalists Club regularly holds events in different formats, e.g. press conferences, trainings, discussions on draft legislation, analyses and, finally, casual meetings based on Smart Talk logic.

In 2020, the website of the "Economic Journalists Club" was created, the interest in which is growing year by year, and we provide unbiased analysis and information on financial and economic developments in Armenia.

With the support of partners and sponsors, the Club has initiated and implemented studies that develop economic and journalistic skills, and publishing of books.

In recent years, the Club has also been engaged in the organization of PR campaigns

The main goals of our organization are presented below:  

  • To respond in an impartial and operative way to economic policies being carried out in the country and to make that information available to the public, through professional and independent journalism to contribute to real democratic development in our country. 

  • For the purpose of the country’s balanced economic development to assist in exposing current problems in the Republic’s economic sphere and contribute to the development of economic legislation in Armenia, cover it extensively at the stage of elaboration  and organize active discussion of this legislation with participation of all parties concerned.

  • To cooperate with non-governmental organizations formed for struggling against corruption.

  • To organize, on a regular basis, training programs for journalists writing on economic subjects with participation of local and foreign experts.

  • To pursue extended cooperation with foreign organizations implementing educational programs for journalists.

  • To publish books regarding journalism and news reporting as part of educational programs.

  • To organize, on a regular basis, roundtables on objective and operative coverage of the most burning economic issues for a given period.

  • To take an active part or show initiative in organizing all types of actions aimed at protecting journalists’ rights and freedom of speech.

  • To assist as far as possible in strengthening the institutions ensuring democracy and rule of law.

  • To contribute to the strengthening of guarantees of journalists’ investigation opportunities, independence and being free from pressures.

  • To ensure availability of information.

  • To raise public trust towards the press, adopting rules of ethics, publishing sponsors of implemented programs or other sources of financing.