AMIO BANK - a new brand in the Armenian banking system: new concept, new colors, new approaches

AMIO BANK - a new brand in the Armenian banking system: new concept, new colors, new approaches

ARMBUSINESSBANK announced about rebranding, presented the new name and trademark during a solemn event held on November 17. The bank introduces itself to customers with a new brand, concept and values.The Bank presents itself to customers with a new brand, concept and values. Carrying out a complete rebranding, the Bank is henceforth presented under the name "AMIO BANK".

The activity of AMIO BANK is aimed at ensuring financial access for various groups of clients and introducing advanced international experience in banking.

New Brand's vision is to be a caring partner in the field of financial and related services. AMIO's logo, with a bright and friendly smile, symbolizes the approach of creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for all customers.

AMIO BANK will implement new development projects with modernized digital and innovative services. Appearing at a new level of development, the Bank with the introduction of modern standards of international best practice, will compete in the system in a new way, meeting all challenges.

"AMIO will be by your side from now on with its care, immediacy and smile, dictating a new culture in the Armenian banking system. Human-centricity, professionalism, trust, dynamism and honesty complete the values that are essential for the Bank and with the help of which the AMIO team will move forward "said Alfred Moeckli, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AMIO BANK.

«Care for all»  this is the new slogan of AMIO.

Chairman of the Executive Board of AMIO BANK Gevorg Tarumyan presented AMIO's mission to support people in important initiatives with new digital technologies and available financial solutions, making their lives easy and convenient.

He expressed belief in his speech, that AMIO will give new breath and colors to the Armenian banking system by being accepted as a modern, digital and innovative bank. "And of course, we will move forward together with our customers, employees and partners on the basis of which AMIO will pave its way, providing innovative services in a caring and reliable environment," stated Gevorg Tarumyan.

Here has come so much awaited moment, the Chairman of the Central Bank of РA, Martin Galstyan, handed over the license of AMIO BANK to the Chairman  of the Executive Board, Gevorg Tarumyan.

The AMIO team celebrated the exciting result of joint work with partners, from the start of the rebranding to the launch of the New Brand. And new goals lie ahead, making the most daring and innovative goals of AMIO clients come true.

 AMIO BANK is supervised by the Central Bank of RA